The Research Continues...

Kevin Thomas Kehl spent the afternoon searching the woods and swamps around the area where the team discovered the torn up palms and possible bedding last week.

"I found what  appeared to be a footprint although I'm not totally convinced it was (see below). 
There was a lot of standing water out here today due to the rain from the last cold front. 
While I was walking through the swamps looking for an appropriate spot for "The Ambassador Project" I took lots of pictures.
At one point I heard a loud thud and breaking sticks on the ground. I was not able to find what it was. It could very well have been a hog....I'm not sure at this point.
I covered a lot of ground in a short period of time and the one big thing I did notice was the lack of torn up palms such as the ones Rob, Nick and I found last week."

Not the most compelling picture of a print. It was a little more impressive in person. This was about a size 15 to my size 13 foot.


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