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4th Annual Halloween Florida Bigfoot Expedition

Florida Bigfoot Investigators are wrapping up another annual expedition that occurs every year just prior to Halloween.

This year the focus has been on aerial surveillance as the team is trying to perfect that art of peering over the tree tops of the thick swamp in search of elusive Florida Skunk Ape.

The Aerial Platform Electronic Surveillance,  otherwise known as A.P.E.S., has proved to be a challenge as the first three tests have resulted in less than desirable results.
Some would view these as failures while the FBI uses them as learning lessons to make the system better and more useful.

APES-4 has taken a huge step in the right direction towards stability while in the sky however, there is still room for improvement.
The maximum height achieved on the test approx. 200 feet.

Below is a screen grab from the video caught while the cameras was roughly 50 feet in the air while Kevin Thomas Kehl, George McGee and Tim Fasano look up.

Footage is being downloaded and examined. It will b…