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Footprint Found in Pasco County Florida

We found a track of 16" in Pasco Co. A left & right foot w) 52 inch stride; made a good cast!— Florida BFRO (@FL_BFRO) November 22, 2014

New Area Follow Up With Nick Tudor

Last week Kevin Thomas Kehl did some preliminary research into a local BFRO sighting area in Central Florida. (See that report here) This week Kevin returns with fellow FBI Nick Tudor to dig deeper into the swamps. Amazing sights and discoveries awaited them.  See the pics below.

New Area of Interest for the FBI

This past Monday Bigfoot Investigator Kevin Thomas Kehl headed out to the field to investigate an area that was listed in a BFRO report that took place in Hillsborough County Florida in the fall of 2013.

Finding an adequate and secure entrance point took most of his time that afternoon because the surrounding area is so densely populated but ultimately this turned out to be a great reconnaissance trip for a future a expedition for the F.B.I.

Before the sun finally set, Kevin was able to discover something of great interest during his journey into this deep, dense and animal rich wilderness area.

The will certainly be back to explore this location before the end of the month.

Below is the actual BFRO report that described the encounter in this exact area last autumn. The witness seems to be very credible and makes for a very interesting case.
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