Saturday, May 13, 2017

Are you ready for the new paradigm in Bigfoot Research?

Brought to you by the FBI....

SASQUATCH-360 is a new way to enjoy Interactive Bigfoot Hunting.

If you can't get out into the field now you can search around us as we work our way through the swamps.

This is our very first attempt and learned some very valuable lessons to improve the experience for our viewers and users.

No need to search around for the newest videos. 
Simply type in and go straight to work searching for the big guy.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Where have we been?!?!

After a very long, hot and humid summer, Florida moved into a very long, hot and humid fall/ winter.
Now that 2016 is finally here the temperatures have started to fall off enough to get back into the swing of things.

AND, now that all broken vehicles have been replaced with new ones the team is once again ready to hit the swamps.

The first in-depth multi-day expedition that will require access only by canoe/kayak is scheduled for March 2016.
Participants for this expedition are as follows:
  • Kevin Thomas Kehl
  • Teri Lynge
  • Jason Ball
  • Omar Torres
  • Wolf Torres
  • Robert Robinson
  • Nick Tudor
  • George McGee
  • Mike Gomez
The exact location of this expedition is a closely guarded secret but it has been revealed that it is in a part of Florida that has had many reported sightings according to the BFRO.

Stay tuned for more info as it comes out.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


This past weekend Kevin Thomas Kehl, with the assistance of Nick Tudor, deployed his newest trailcam with stealth technology.
Nick Tudor and Kevin Thomas Kehl (archive pic)
 It was placed in an area that is full of wildlife and has even had a recent Bigfoot sighting, as well as some conspicuous foot prints.

This is his first deployment of the camera so it will be a short test duration.

This is in the same vicinity that Robert Robinson recently had 2 cameras stolen so hopes are high that this camera will return safe and with good evidence.

Legend Tripper Robert Robinson
Check back soon for stills and videos from the camera next week.

In the meantime enjoy the pictures below of the adventure out into the swamps for deployment.

Just a few short weeks ago this area was under several feet of water.

Nick searching for tracks.
Mosquito and Horse-fly Heaven!!

While there were some widely scatter spots of water by the river, most of the area had dried up.
The riverbed mud was very soft and deep. Here a baby gator track was discovered by Nick.
95 degrees and 90% humidity is common for Florida in the spring.

Some of the area felt a lot like quick sand.

This was not one of Kevin's boot prints.
 Most of the little watering holes had dried up. 
Below you will notice the different aninals that tried to make their way to the last vestiges of water remaining at this particular hole.

Racoon Tracks
Deer Tracks

Here Nick is leaving a small creative piece of art for the "Ambassador Project" in hopes that it will be added to or manipulated in some other way.

After walking for what seemed like hours we came to a small clearing area that had recent hog activity as well as some possible foot prints. Below Nick points this out but it is hard to see in this video.
It is in this area that we decided to place the trailcam. It is also very close to where that sighting took place.


Trail cam deployment...successful!!

Maybe with some luck all these locks will deter someone from stealing this one!

Check back again next week for updates with pics and video. Hopefully this one won't get stolen. 
It is in a completely remote location so someone would have to accidentally stumble onto it while walking through thick swamps.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


The colder weather is quickly coming to an end here in Florida so in order to maximize the amount  of time we get out in the thick swamps some of the FBI have instituted:
 "Friday Night Hikes"
As the sun sets we head out into known sighting areas. 
From Lettuce Lake to the Green Swamp we try to hit them all as well as utilize a little of the "Ambassador Project" to offer gifts.
Here are some of the latest shots from the Friday Night Hikes.

"LEGEND TRIPPER" - Rob Robinson
"Enigmatic Anomalies" - Kevin Thomas Kehl

Rob's keene eye caught this track in the mud.

A healthy sized track.

The Ambassador Project: Peanut Butter left 8' up in a tree.

Looks like we left some goodwill for the Raccoons!

They did a good job cleaning it out!

Exploring the swamps with Rob's new flashlight.

Heading back to the vehicles.

The FBI never go out into the field without a grenade!
The Survival Grenade

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Research Continues...

Kevin Thomas Kehl spent the afternoon searching the woods and swamps around the area where the team discovered the torn up palms and possible bedding last week.

"I found what  appeared to be a footprint although I'm not totally convinced it was (see below). 
There was a lot of standing water out here today due to the rain from the last cold front. 
While I was walking through the swamps looking for an appropriate spot for "The Ambassador Project" I took lots of pictures.
At one point I heard a loud thud and breaking sticks on the ground. I was not able to find what it was. It could very well have been a hog....I'm not sure at this point.
I covered a lot of ground in a short period of time and the one big thing I did notice was the lack of torn up palms such as the ones Rob, Nick and I found last week."

Not the most compelling picture of a print. It was a little more impressive in person. This was about a size 15 to my size 13 foot.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Return Trip to Discovery Area Breing Planned

A return trip to the area where the FBI discovered the amazing evidence of palms being pulled up by the root is currently being planned.

Winter is passing by and Florida will very quickly turn into the intolerable hot and humid days of spring and summer.

The team will be returning to investigate the area further and in addition 
Kevin Thomas Kehl will be focusing on this area for his "Ambassador Project"

 "I believe that this area will produce proof of the existence of the Florida SkunkApe"
                                                                               Kevin Thomas Kehl

Extra Large Scat

Rob Robinson and Nick Tudor: Legend Trippers
Rob Robinson and Kevin Thomas Kehl

Hole left after ripping the center living plant straight out!