The colder weather is quickly coming to an end here in Florida so in order to maximize the amount  of time we get out in the thick swamps some of the FBI have instituted:
 "Friday Night Hikes"
As the sun sets we head out into known sighting areas. 
From Lettuce Lake to the Green Swamp we try to hit them all as well as utilize a little of the "Ambassador Project" to offer gifts.
Here are some of the latest shots from the Friday Night Hikes.

"LEGEND TRIPPER" - Rob Robinson
"Enigmatic Anomalies" - Kevin Thomas Kehl

Rob's keene eye caught this track in the mud.

A healthy sized track.

The Ambassador Project: Peanut Butter left 8' up in a tree.

Looks like we left some goodwill for the Raccoons!

They did a good job cleaning it out!

Exploring the swamps with Rob's new flashlight.

Heading back to the vehicles.

The FBI never go out into the field without a grenade!
The Survival Grenade

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