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Where have we been?!?!

After a very long, hot and humid summer, Florida moved into a very long, hot and humid fall/ winter.
Now that 2016 is finally here the temperatures have started to fall off enough to get back into the swing of things.

AND, now that all broken vehicles have been replaced with new ones the team is once again ready to hit the swamps.

The first in-depth multi-day expedition that will require access only by canoe/kayak is scheduled for March 2016.
Participants for this expedition are as follows:
Kevin Thomas Kehl Teri LyngeJason BallOmar TorresWolf TorresRobert RobinsonNick TudorGeorge McGeeMike GomezThe exact location of this expedition is a closely guarded secret but it has been revealed that it is in a part of Florida that has had many reported sightings according to the BFRO.

Stay tuned for more info as it comes out.