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The Research Continues...

Kevin Thomas Kehl spent the afternoon searching the woods and swamps around the area where the team discovered the torn up palms and possible bedding last week.
"I found what  appeared to be a footprint although I'm not totally convinced it was (see below). 
There was a lot of standing water out here today due to the rain from the last cold front.  While I was walking through the swamps looking for an appropriate spot for "The Ambassador Project" I took lots of pictures. At one point I heard a loud thud and breaking sticks on the ground. I was not able to find what it was. It could very well have been a hog....I'm not sure at this point. I covered a lot of ground in a short period of time and the one big thing I did notice was the lack of torn up palms such as the ones Rob, Nick and I found last week."

Return Trip to Discovery Area Breing Planned

A return trip to the area where the FBI discovered the amazing evidence of palms being pulled up by the root is currently being planned.
Winter is passing by and Florida will very quickly turn into the intolerable hot and humid days of spring and summer.
The team will be returning to investigate the area further and in addition  Kevin Thomas Kehl will be focusing on this area for his "Ambassador Project"
 "I believe that this area will produce proof of the existence of the Florida SkunkApe"                                                                                Kevin Thomas Kehl

Amazing SkunkApe Discoveries (part 2)

After the long hike deep into the swamp and having to traverse a water-swelled creek the team makes it to an extremely secluded area completely surrounded by water-filled swamps.  The perfect hiding and sleeping area for our big, strong, hairy friend.

What the team discovered leaves them to believe they are close...very close.

F.B.I. members in this episode:
Kevin Thomas Kehl - Enigmatic AnomaliesRobert Robinson - Legend TripperNick Tudor - Legend Tripper

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Amazing SkunkApe Discoveries (part 1)

Today FBI members Kevin Thomas Kehl, Robert Robinson and Nick Tudor headed out to a remote Florida swamp that surprisingly is surrounded by a major metropolitan area.
It was in this exact spot that a nature photographer caught his first glimpse of a Florida Bigfoot or "SkunkApe" which ultimately led this skeptic into being a believer.
"Stepping into this gigantic old growth forest is like stepping back in time.  Huge palms, oaks and cypress trees surround you and make you feel like you've just entered Jurassic Park with a T-Rex hiding around every corner."

 Discovered hidden in the woods was this old shack circa 1950's  It may have been used as a hunting cabin at some point

 On this expedition the team made some amazing discoveries. All this information will be made public and shared here first... exclusively to our readers. __________________________________________
In this first short video the team is seen crossing a small washout along the main trail. All taken i…